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We help you build and execute a step by step plan to achieve Financial Freedom


Why Financial Literacy?

Regardless of economic conditions, people struggle financially. Most people are worried about their finances and many understand that even a small unexpected expense could derail their financial situations and put them at risk. While the consequences can be more severe during economic downturns, most people struggle even during strong economic conditions.

Today, these problems have reached epidemic proportions, with most people suffering from the impact of long-term financial problems.


Yahya Mahmoud & Lubna Aboulata

The Founders

Like most people, we started our journey 20 years ago, searching for the Holy Grail of Investing and Wealth Building, little did we know that it did NOT exist.

The economist in Yahya and mathematician in Lubna helped us both understand early on that the key to success with money and wealth did not lie in selecting a winning stock or a get rich quick scheme, but rather lies in holistic Financial Literacy.

Beyond educating ourselves on the world of Personal Finance, we took on a mission to become Certified Financial Education Instructors, and have since earned multiple credentials but the one we take most pride in are the experiences we have gone through and the lessons we learned along the journey .

We help people, of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, learn the foundations of Financial Literacy and how to leverage that knowledge to build a plan for themselves to achieve Financial Freedom.

What We Offer

Individual Offerings

Financial Freedom Coaching Program

The most comprehensive Personal Finance program out there, that equips you with the knowledge and plan to achieve Financial Freedom

Personalized Programs (Advanced)

For the Financially Sophisticated and already well on their way to F.I.R.E. we help with more advanced strategies to accelerate the journey.

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Enterprise Offerings

Corporate Programs & Financial Wellbeing

We offer corporate solutions for employers, with an objective to complement Employee Wellbeing programs through alleviating Financial Stress. 

National Financial Literacy Consulting

Partnering with key stakeholders and national government organizations, regulators and policy makers to advise and formulate national strategies

Financial Literacy Education Programs

Financial Illiteracy is costing nations billions of dollars annually. Our programs focus on Financial Literacy education through trainings and workshops

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Our Philosophy

As Personal Finance Advocates and Educators, our philosophy revolves around simplicity. We have been F.I.R.E. advocates for years, following the Bogleheads investment principles. Over the years our philosophy has evolved to encompass Financial Literacy as the key enabler for individuals to overcome their fears and achieve their goals. This is showcased in our strict policy of NOT selling any financial products, investments or insurance in any of our engagements or programs. We don't get any commission or compensation from anyone. We focus on working for our students, and only serve their best interest!.

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